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Mandalay is the second-largest city of Myanmar, after Yangon. As the last royal capital of Myanmar, many peoples think that Mandalay is an ancient city, but in fact, it is the new city with 150-years of history. The city was founded at the foot of Mandalay Hill by King Mindon in 1857 and then constructed to be a capital of the country. Although, the time of existaence did not last long, just about 26 years before the British conquest of Upper Burma in 1885. During the time as a capital, the government built many great constructions, especially temples and pagodas. Nowadays, Mandalay still remains the main commercial center of Upper Myanmar and also the religious spot of all over the country.


Mandalay has a subtropical climate with two seasons: the dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from March to May and rain season stretches from June to October. Therefore, the time from November to February is the ideal time to travel to Mandalay because of the fresh and cool weather.

Top highlights

Mandalay Palace (Royal Palace): Although Mandalay Palace has been built for a long time ago, the construction still keeps the luxury and outstanding architecture not inferior to any modern works. It is known as the last royal palace of Burma's last monarchy and was built of wood in the period 1857 and 1859. Situated on a square of 413 hectares, for the most part, the palace is designed in a traditional style. This is also the home to the last two Kings: Mondon and Thibaw. During World War 2 the palace was destroyed and was rebuilt in the 1990s with some modern materials.

Mahamuni Buddha Temple: Mahamuni Buddha Temple is the holiest temple and is a popular spot in Mandalay. People believed that the temple is about 2000 years old and was built by King Bodawpaya. The particularly attractive thing of the Temple is the 4m high Buddha statue, made of gold and decorated with precious jewels.  A visit to Mandalay cannot complete without a visit to Mahamuni Pagoda.

Mandalay Hill: This 230m high hill is the most prominent landmark of the city. Mandalay Hill is a great spot offering the perfect view of the whole city. Mandalay Hill is known for its abundance of pagodas and monasteries and has been a major pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists for nearly two centuries. Coming here, tourists can find the peace and relaxation from the normal life, especially in the early morning and the late afternoon.

Jade Market Mahar Aung Myay: Referring to Mandalay, people will think of three things: jade, pagoda, and teak, because of this, you cannot miss jade market while traveling to Mandalay. This is the largest jade market in the world where you can buy jewelry made of jade from bracelets, earrings, pendants to Buddha statues for yourself, family or friends

U-bein Bridge: Situated 11 kilometers in the south of Mandalay, the unique U-bein bridge is made of teak planks. With the length about 1.2 km, the bridge is believed to be the longest teak bridge in the world. The bridge's attraction is not just in its elegance but also its important role in the local community. U-bein bridge is a great place to watch sunrise and sunset. 

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