A Guide To Travel Pattaya

Pattaya is widely known as one of the most active and animated cities in Thailand. The city is located 150km southeast from Bangkok, just about 2 hours drive. Many tourists said that Pattaya is the entertainment paradise of Thailand. If you are looking for some lively places, then don't forget coming to this sleepless city.

History and climate

Situated on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and about 165 km southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya belongs to Chon Buri province. Pattaya used to be a small fishing village on the coast until 1960 when the American soldiers in the Vietnam War began arriving in Pattaya to rest and relax. Nowadays, Pattaya becomes one of the most famous beach cities in the world with the gorgeous beaches and special service named "sex show".

The climate in Pattaya divided into two main seasons, the rainy season is from May to October while the dry season lasts from November to April. Therefore, the best time for a tour to Pattaya is from October to April, when you can not only discover beautiful tourist destinations but also enjoy the two largest festivals: the Loy Krathong Light Festival and the traditional Songkran Lunar New Year.


Main areas in Pattaya

Pattaya has three main areas for tourists to explore. The first one named Naklua. This area is located in the north. It is quite and peaceful area with sea view and most suitable for walking. The second area is the center of Pattaya with three main roads: Beach road, Pattaya second road, Pattaya third road. This is the busiest and noisiest place in the city and attracts thousands of tourists each day. Along these three roads, there are many shops, restaurants, and bars open all night. The last area of Pattaya is Jomtien area which is located in the North. This site has many cafes, restaurants near the romantic beach. Especially the price of food and hotel is less expensive than those in the central.

What to eat

There is a lot of delicious, nutritious and cheap food along three main roads in the center of Pattaya. Some dishes you should not miss in Pattaya such as Tom Yum (hot and sour Thai soup with ain ingredient is shrimp), Green papaya salad or Coconut Sticky Rice with Mang.

Places to see

Beach is the first thing you have to remember when talking about Pattaya. There are many spectacular beaches in Pattaya you should visit Jomtien beach, Naklua Beach, Wong Amat beach. Tourist can relax, take a sunbath in the white sandy beaches or swim in the clear blue water. Besides breathtaking beaches, Pattaya is famous for its other famous tourist destinations.  Walking Street is the most lively place in the whole Pattaya. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed by loud music, sparkling lights, and beautiful girls. With the variety of entertainment activities in walking street, tourists will definitely have unforgettable memories. Don't forget to visit markets in Pattaya to deeply know about the normal life of people here. Besides, Four Regions Floating Market is the most famous market in the area. Guests will experience the four regions of Thailand from cuisine to cultural architecture just in the small size of the market. Or you can buy some souvenirs from more than 100 stalls along two sides of the market.

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